webcam eyetracking

webcam eyetracking


mobile sleep advisor

mobile sleep advisor


smarter crowd editing

smarter crowd editing


travel replay

travel replay





adaptive mobile ui

adaptive mobile ui


classroom sketching

classroom sketching


storytelling platform

storytelling platform


psychiatry from social

psychiatry from social

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Research Group
jeff huang headshot

Jeff Huang   Faculty

Jeff is an assistant professor in computer science, with a Ph.D. from the University of Washington. His work involves decoding users' behavioral data to drive novel applications. Jeff's research areas span human-computer interaction and information retrieval, across the domains of mobile devices, self-tracking, games, and web search.

Current Students
nediyana daskalova headshot

Nediyana Daskalova   Ph.D. Student

Nediyana is originally from Bulgaria with a computer science degree from Grinnell College in Iowa. She is doing research on how to improve college students' sleep habits, and is now working on a sleep tracking application that will help people improve their sleep by providing them with personalized recommendations.

jing qian headshot

Jing Qian   Ph.D. Student

Jing is a Ph.D. student with a background in Product/User Experience Design and Media Arts. He is interested in researching adaptive user interfaces and augmented applications to enhance experiences among users and machines (mobile devices, computers, and wearables). He navigates between the realms of design and computer science.

shaun wallace headshot

Shaun Wallace   Ph.D. student

Shaun is a Ph.D. student with over 10 years professional experience architecting business and creative software. His research combines the science of crowdsourcing with mining subtle forms of human-data interactions to create human-in-the-loop systems for maintaining structured datasets over time.

Jessica Fu   Masters Student

Sachin Pendse   Masters Student

Aman Haq   Masters Student

Haoming Lai   Masters Student

Jina Yoon   Undergraduate Student

Philip Hinch   Undergraduate Student

Kelly Wang   Undergraduate Student

Neilly Tan   Undergraduate Student

Ishaan Agarwal   Undergraduate Student

Dominique Moore   Undergraduate Student

Benjamin Attal   Undergraduate Student

Tiffany Chen   Undergraduate Student

Grant Fong   Undergraduate Student

Nikita Ramoji   Undergraduate Student

Valentina Cano   Undergraduate Student

Lisa Wang   Undergraduate Student

Andrew Park   Undergraduate Student

Susan Liu   Undergraduate Student


Aarthi Anbalagan   Masters Student

Palak Goel   Undergraduate Student

Linda Chang   Undergraduate Student

Aaron Gokaslan   Undergraduate Student

Rico Lizbinski   Undergraduate Student

Linda Park   Undergraduate Student

Han Sha   Masters Student (2017)

Yuze He   Masters Student (2017), now software developer at Facebook

Alexandra Papoutsaki   Ph.D. Student (2017), now assistant professor at Pomona College

Abraham Peterkin   Undergraduate Student (2017), now software developer at Nickelodeon

Arielle Chapin   Undergraduate Student (2017), now software developer at Facebook

Guillermo Beltran   Undergraduate Student (2017), now software developer at Intrepid

Guo Wang   Undergraduate Student (2017), now software developer at LiveRamp

Polina Tamarina   Undergraduate Student (2017), now product innovation at Athena Health

Lucy Van Kleunen   Undergraduate Student (2017), now program manager at Microsoft

Marianne Aubin-Le Quere   Undergraduate Student (2017), now program manager at Microsoft

Klaas Nelissen   Visiting Ph.D. Student from the University of Leuven (2017)

Yirui Huang   Visiting Intern from the University of Toronto (2017)

Eda Celen   Masters Student (2016), now UX developer at Dassault Systèmes

Adrienne Tran   Undergraduate Student (2016), now Founder at Neurocurious

April Tran   Undergraduate Student (2016), now user interface developer at IBM

James Laskey   Undergraduate Student (2016), now software developer at Google

Jiahui Li   Engineering Masters Student (2015), now software developer at Microsoft

Danaë Metaxa-Kakavouli   Undergraduate Student (2015), now Ph.D. student at Stanford

Prateek Arora   Undergraduate Student (2015), now software developer at Vistaprint

Patsorn Sangkloy   Masters Student (2015) advised by James Hays, now Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech

Eddie Yan   UCLA Undergraduate Student (2015), now Ph.D. student at the University of Washington

Erica Silverstein   Undergraduate Student (2014), now Masters student at Columbia University

Hak Rim Kim   Undergraduate Student (2014), now software developer at Whisper